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The Lifemates Canada matchmaking program offers Canadian singles a unique opportunity to connect with singles in Canada who share their background, values and interests.

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lifematesThe Lifemates Canada matchmaking program offers Canadian singles a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals who share their background, values and interests. This introduction program has been creating successful personalized dating opportunities for individuals of all ages for more than twenty years. Lifemates personalized matchmaking services have facilitated thousands of long-term relationships for Canadian couples including hundreds of marriages and families.

People join Lifemates for a variety of reasons including a revised family or relationship status, relocation or a desire to meet new people for purposes of companionship, dating, romance and long-term relationships.

Lifemates Canada creates matches through a proven matchmaking program. A Lifemates professional staff member interviews each new applicant to review the potential member’s background, interests, personality and dating preferences. After the interview, a Lifemates matchmaker reviews the interview to consider appropriate matches that might be created with another member in the same locale.

Lifemates does not rely on computerized matchmaking because, the company feels that such types of activity is unreliable and that type of random matchmaking creates more complaints than successes.

Lifemates Canada bases its suggested social introductions on the experiences of its professional staff as well as on an understanding of what each member expects and wants. This understanding is based on personal interviews that Lifemates relationship coaches have with each member. The interview forms the basis of the person’s Key Core Compatibility Analysis. That Analysis ensures that matches made by Lifemates will be suitable for each person’s individual needs and expectations. If a member has a complaint about a suggested match, a Lifemates relationship coach reviews the incident and takes needed action.

Lifemates is active in numerous Canadian cities and provinces including in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, London, Toronto, Barrie, Calgary and Montreal.

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  • Peter says:
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    To celebrate my son’s first birthday I decided to write and thank Lifemates because thanks to the dedicated Lifemates matchmakers I am, today, a husband, a father and a very happy man. I come from a ‘tricky” family. My parents didn’t spend much time with us kids and we never felt the need or the desire to create families of our own. I had a few relationships with women over the years but they were pretty superficial and insignificant. It wasn’t until my brother started to date a woman that he’d met on Lifemates that I began to feel what I may have been missing. My brother and his girlfriend (now his wife) seemed so happy together, and my brother confided to me that they “completed each other.” I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to register for Lifemates because, I guess, I assumed that I’d fail and I didn’t want anyone around to watch me fall off the ladder. But much to my surprise, the second woman that I met turned out to be my soulmate. I told her about my own family background and she promised to stick by me as I learned what a relationship could be. After three years of dating we married and have a child, with, hopefully, more to come.

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