Top Dating Service Complaints

bled-2If you’re considering going to an online dating site, you’ll want to prepare yourself. There are no regulatory agencies or consumer protection supervisory bodies that regulate dating sites but there are organizations that collect complaints from users and publicize those reviews so that future users will be able to make an intelligent choice about their membership in an online dating community.

The review sites publish a wide range of user feedback. Some review concentrate specifically on complaint feedback while other sites offer a more general overview of dating sites and publish all types of comments, both positive and negative.

As you look at the websites, consider your situation and your goals for dating. If you’re under 40 and most of the complaints about a specific site come from older people, perhaps the site specializes in helping younger singles and you are, in fact, in the right dating site for your needs and expectations.

Similarly, check out the locations from where the criticism is coming. People join dating websites from many different areas but, since it’s harder to meet a partner if you live in a small community or a remote area, a higher percentage of those people will be looking for love online. Conversely however, they should be prepared for the fact that they’re still at a disadvantage matchmaking-wise because of their living situation. It’s also harder for an online service to help them find a lifemate and they should be prepared for that eventuality. So if you see complaints from people who live outside of major population areas, don’t forget that they may be biased.

In general, it’s important to “consider the source” when you’re reading online dating reviews.

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